Probate & Estate Administration

Providing Clarity and Navigating Complexity

At Bailey, Duskin, Peiffle & Martin, P.S., we assist clients throughout Snohomish County and surrounding areas of Washington with probate and estate administration.

Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients through the complexities of the probate and estate administration process. We assist personal representatives, trustees, heirs, and beneficiaries.

We facilitate your appointment as personal representative, inventory and appraisal of the estate’s assets, collection of payments owed to the estate, payment of debts owed by the estate, the filing of income and estate taxes, and the distribution of assets to beneficiaries designated in the will.

If there are disputes among heirs or between heirs and the trustee or personal representative, or there is a conflict with creditors, we will provide aggressive representation in litigation.

Whatever situation you may be facing, our priority is reducing your stress at a difficult time. We provide personal service, and we will be accessible when you have questions or concerns.

To schedule an initial consultation about your case, contact our office in Arlington.

Depth of Experience

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge about probate, and we can help simplify the process for you. Efficiency is a hallmark of our firm.

Whether or not there is a will, we may be able to help you with a testamentary segregation or division of property among heirs. We understand testamentary subdivisions, and we can educate you about your options.

For more information about how can help you with probate and estate administration, call 360-435-2168 or contact our office online.